Below are a few of the very best links we have found that will help you in your adoption journey

Karen has a fantastic site with tons of adoption links to just about everything:

An excellent site with a wealth of information:

Dr. Dana Johnson's site:

Dr. Eric Downing's site:

Dr. Heidi Schwarzwald's site:

Doctor group in Long Island, does pre and post adoption evaluations, very informational website:

Moscow Times online newspaper (in English):

Vladivostok News online newspaper (in English)

Russian Embassy site (link on first page for adoptions):

EEAC has an excellent email forum for persons adopting from Russia:

FRUA - Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption, great site has online chat/forums:

Three great Yahoo groups to get information from and talk to others:

Excellent site about adopting from Moscow city and region:

Info from US Department of State about travel to Russia, a must read:

Cool interactive map of hotels in Moscow:

Adoptive Families Magazine, highly recommended to subscribe to: